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Disease prevention with indoor UV radiation systems

UVIRESO's closed UV radiation systems ensure that the risk of infection will be close to 0%, even if a virus carrier is constantly present in the premises. The equipment will work continuously during the presence of people and will reduce the concentration of pathogens in the air and on surfaces every moment.

Permanent air disinfection devices

(operates continuously during the presence of people)


Universal disinfectants
(MF series)

Different models for different purposes

for rooms from 10 to 90 sq.m. m.


Mobile universal disinfectants (MFm series)

Different models for different purposes

for rooms from 10 to 90 sq.m. m.

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Disinfectants for the upper part of the room (UR series)

Designed for all quiet and dusty rooms

Group 33.png

Disinfectants for toilets and wet rooms (WC series)

Different models for wet rooms, toilets, sanitary facilities from 5 to 45 square meters. m.

Group 36.png

Silent disinfectants
(AS series)

For quiet rooms from 5 to 25 sq.m. m.

Group 35.png

Conduit integrations

For various types of ducts and HVAC systems

From offices to clinics and schools, from global brands to the smallest start-ups - UVIRESO systems reliably protect everyone from any diseases.

The principle of operation of the equipment


Non-sterile air is drawn into the device with the help of a fan


The UV lamp inside the device instantly destroys the genetic structure (RNA or DNA chains) of microorganisms and inactivates them

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TiO inside the device2coated titanium plates, illuminated by UV light, carry out ionization - generate O2-ions and OH radicals


The UV lamp naturally generates ozone (O) quantities


The result is that the air inside the device is continuously disinfected with the help of a UV lamp and a safe concentration of active particles is created in the room, which disinfects the air and surfaces outside the device.


Ensures complete safety against flu, Covid-19 and all other airborne viral diseases


Ensures complete safety against all airborne bacterial diseases


Ensures prevention of mold and other fungi in indoor air and surfaces

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