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Technology development

UVIRESO develops ultraviolet light disinfection technologies and related technologies, and adapts technological solutions to the specific needs of customers.

Topic: Food industry

Chicken disinfection with UV-C light

The project was focused on Chicken disinfection with UV-C light (without  thermal and chemical treatment).
The disinfection levels calculations were performed followed by chicken disinfection level modeled for chicken parts of different shapes.

Disinfection tunnel has been designed and manufactured.

Higher than Log 1 Salmonella bacterial inactivation at UV-C light dose of 576 mJ/Sq cm has been achieved.

UV-C dose model
UV-C food disinfection tunnel
UV-C disinfection, Boston Dynamic Spot
Hannover Messe | disinfection robot

Topic: Public safety

Robot for vehicle disinfection

Autonomous robot with UV-C disinfection module for surface and air purification in public transportation. Project partner -UAB "Rubedo Systems".

Robot platform: Boston Dynamic Spot.
The robot has:

  • a unique ultraviolet module with a battery that allows autonomous disinfection,

  • open/closed disinfection operating modes,

  • automatic stopping of disinfection upon the appearance of the people,

  • missions programmed for specific vehicles.

The total power of the low-pressure UV-C lamps is 240 W. The train PESA 630M of "Lithuanian Railways" is disinfected in up to 10 minutes.

The disinfection robot has been presented at Hannover Messe 2022.

Video about the robot in the TV show "Science Soup".

Topic: Food industry

Salmonella spp. inactivation

In the food industry, it is necessary to eliminate bacteria that cause human infectious diseases. This project developed a solution to inactivate Salmonella spp. bacteria on different surfaces and media (stainless steel, chicken).  The same can be used for inactivation of Listeria, E. coli and other bacteria. The project was carried out in cooperation with a scientific research institute Nature Research Center in Vilnius.

In the designed and manufactured UV-C light chamber has the total electric power of the lamps of 1078 W. The light intensity can be set  between

12 mW/Sq cm and 26 mW/Sq cm.

Tests can be performed with your samples.

UV-C food disinfection chamber
UV-C food disinfection chamber
UV-C disinfection chamber
Humidity model
Disinfection testing system

Topic: Medicine

Virus inactivation testing system

The goal of the project is to build a testing platform for SARS-COV-2 virus inactivation analysis (measure the disinfection level).

The system allows to precisely determine the intensity and dose of UV-C light in a disinfection chamber, regulate air flow, humidity, and the concentration of viral particles.

The project partner is a scientific research institute Center for Innovative Medicine in Vilnius.

UV-C LED's with a wavelength of 275 nm are used for disinfection.

The project is financed by the Lithuanian Research Council.

Air flow model
Ultraviolet respirator

Topic: Public safety

Ultraviolet light respirator

The COVID-19 pandemic has motivated us to find ways to reduce its impact on society. The social initiative became a project funded by the Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology. The device uses UV-C rays to disinfect  the patient's exhaled air before it enters the environment.

Complete calculations and simulations withSolidWorks Flow Simulation program:

  • air flow movement,

  • disinfection level,

  • moisture condensation

The designed, manufactured and tested device disinfects the air with an average dose of

3.26 mJ/Sq cm.

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