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Mobile disinfection module

The mobile ultraviolet (UV-C) disinfection module is intended for the disinfection of vehicles and premises where there is no easily accessible voltage source.

The module's UV-C lamps are powered by an internal low-voltage battery pack.

Module control is easily integrated with external devices that can control module functions (switching on lamps, opening and closing of hoods) and control states.

Technical parameters of the mobile disinfection module

  • Disinfection methods:

    • Air (module closed)

    • Combined air/surfaces (module open)

  • UV-C lamps: 4 x 60W

  • Reflector reflectivity: 93%

  • Automated module opening/closing

  • Working time from the internal battery - up to 1 hour.

  • Battery resource: up to 500 cycles

  • Dimensions:

    • length: 490 mm

    • width: 190 mm

    • height closed 160 mm, open 260 mm

  • Weight: 4 kg

  • Possible modifications:

    • lamp power

    • additional ozone generation

    • stainless steel body

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