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About us

In 2020, UVIRESO started its journey at the remote "Hack the Crisis" hackathon, which was designed to generate ideas for Lithuania and Europe to fight the Covid-19 virus that stopped the world. At the beginning of the pandemic, a team of experienced engineers and scientists came together to properly exploit ultraviolet radiation and its potential in the fight against the pandemic that has engulfed the world. Starting with the idea of a UV respirator, a mask prototype that disinfects exhaled human air with UV rays, today UVIRESO is a rapidly growing startup capable of solving any microbiological or virological risk challenge. Thanks to our equipment, microorganisms are destroyed and indoor surfaces and air are disinfected.

Screenshot 2022-04-21 000544.jpg

Closed UV automatic room disinfection equipment is the only method recognized by the National Public Health Center (NVSC) for disinfecting a room during human presence. Such UVIRESO equipment can be used by a school, office, workshop, company, public transport (bus, train, trolleybus). UVIRESO equipment can be purchased and applied by a business of various fields, as well as an educational institution or a manufacturing company.

Today we are the leading team of ultraviolet radiation disinfection specialists in Lithuania. Thanks to ultraviolet radiation, reliable disinfection of premises, air disinfection, product disinfection is possible, viruses, bacteria and fungi are eliminated.

UVIRESO's team of scientists is engaged not only in various innovative projects, but also in the fight against COVID-19.

Activities of UVIRESO:

Indoor UV radiation air disinfection
systems - room disinfection, air disinfection, product disinfection, viruses, bacteria and fungi are eliminated

Engineering and scientific development projects are underway, where ultraviolet radiation is used to solve microbiological problems (sterilization of production, water disinfection, etc.)

We believe that only a strong team can do great things! Based on this idea, we constantly raise the competences of team members not only in the professional field, but also in personal development. Experts participate in practical team building and education classes, conferences, and technology exhibitions.

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